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Murrieta Home Solar Installation

Cost Effective Solar Energy For Your Murrieta Home

Solar In Murrieta Is A No-Brainer

The overwhelming year round sun mixed with our dry, hot weather means we need to run the AC many months throughout the year which of course raises our utility bill and puts a strain on our wallet. These factors along with the available local tax and utility incentives and financing options make Murrieta ideal for producing your energy with inexpensive, environmentally friendly solar power for decades to come.


Is Your Murrieta Home Solar Power Friendly?

Driving around Murrieta, we see lots of homes with solar panels on their roofs, and if you don’t already have solar you must be thinking what made these homeowners decide that solar was right for them and could it be right for my family? Or what does solar cost?

Switching to reliable, affordable solar panel energy and decreasing your dependence on Southern California Edison who continues to increase power rates year after year with no end in sight seems like it just makes sense. But there are some things you should think about before deciding if your residential solar investment in solar will pay off.

Solar Panels In Murrieta Increase Your Homes Value

Murrieta has seen a significant amount of housing growth, and home prices continue to rise which makes a solar power system not only an excellent way to lock in your electricity rates but add additional value to your home if you ever decide to sell.

How Much Does Solar Power Increase Home Value?

Example: Installing 5kW of solar panel system can add on average $20,000 ($4 x 5,000W =) $20,000 to the homes property value. Roughly each watt of solar power adds about $4 to a home’s value in California.

*CA averages vary based on the size of your system, quality of solar equipment and you typically won’t see this additional value unless your panels are paid off.

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Things To Consider Before Going Solar In Murrieta:

  • Your Future – Do you own your home? Are you planning to move?
  • Location – Is your roof location ideal for solar? i.e. is it south facing?
  • Roof Style – To maximize sun exposure, your roof panels need to meet particular conditions.
  • Energy Habits – Is your energy bill over $100?
  • Your Finances – Depending on how you decide to purchase and install your solar panels, there are many financial incentives to help reduce costs.

Rest assured we will go over all of this and more to help you decide if solar is right for you.

Why Hire A Local Murrieta Solar Contractor?

Whether your home is just off Clinton Keith Rd near the Bear Creek Golf Club, Old Town Murrieta, the Mulligan Family Fun Center or close to Murrieta Hot Springs Rd and the I-215 freeway CalState Solar is your go-to Murrieta Solar Provider

CalState Solar has been providing home solar Murrieta home owners have relied on for years. We are located on Commerce Center Dr. just West of the I-15 freeway just a few miles from your home. When you hire a Riverside County solar power company, more of that money stays right here in your community, which benefits everyone.

We Work With The Largest Solar Companies

We are a first choice sub-contractor for many of the prominent solar businesses in CA so you can trust us to do your solar installation right every time.

CalState Solar services Murrieta city from Murrieta Hot Springs to Antelope Hills to Greer Ranch to Creekside Village to Alta Murrieta to Copper Canyon to Torrey Pines to the Creekside homes, South of Vineyard and West of Washington. We are the best solar panel service in Murrieta.

Murrieta solar installation

Home Solar In 7 Easy Steps

Home Solar In 7 Easy Steps

Step 1

Call 949-789-7990 For Your Free Solar Consultation

Every new customer starts out with a meeting with either one of our owners, or one of our highly trained consultants. During the meetings, we are much more interested in learning about your goals than to try and give you a standard solar system. Nothing is standard, and it is our goal to make this experience perfect for you.

Step 2

Flexible Solar Financing


Solar Financing has come a long way in the last few years. Unless you choose to pay cash, all options are $0 Down and guaranteed to have lower monthly payments than the electric bill you are replacing. You can finance your solar system with a lower APR than you can find with a home or car loan. When we discuss your options, we will tailor them to the specific needs of your household and personal budget to maximize your savings.


Step 3

Site Visit

Once you decide to get solar, we will come back out to your house and complete a site audit. The first step is you qualifying us as a company and making sure we are who you trust to complete this job in the best manner possible for you. The site audit is CalState Solar making certain that we can qualify and build solar on your house.

We look at the roof support, the roof type, the electrical system in your home, we look at the ground if need be and perform an assessment of the shape your house is in. If there are any issues with your house that need to be addressed and replaced, this is where we diagnose and then discuss with you the best option to get them fixed. Because we are a general contractor, in most cases we can fix them ourselves and for a much better price than you can get from anyone else.

Step 4

Custom System Design

Once completed and we approve your house, we will send you an electronic design of the solar on your roof for you to approve. Once approved, that design will be sent to our Engineer, and we will get the plans prepared for your jurisdiction (city or county building and safety). We will work with the jurisdiction until the plans are approved, and the permit is ready to pick up.

Step 5

HOA Solar Approval

Each HOA is different, and they rarely work with companies on approvals, so in this case, it is your responsibility to work with you HOA and get the system approved. We will cooperate with you and give you everything they require from us to make sure we get the approval before we are ready to build.

Step 6

Solar Installation

Once the permit is approved, we will contact you to schedule your installation date. Typically we try and schedule a week or so out, however, if things work out right and we can get you in sooner we will certainly do so. You will find our crew is highly trained and incredibly respectful. We will walk you through the whole job, show you how it works, and consult you for any considerations required.

Step 7

City Final Approval and PTO

Once the installation is complete, we will contact the city and get their final approval. We will then take that approval and send it to the utility to get PTO (Permission to Operate) this is the final approval from the utility and when your system goes "live."


Find out today if solar is right for you. We will go over all the details to calculate the cost, savings and incentives you are likely to get from installing solar panels for your home.

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Family owned home and commercial solar provider proudly serving Southern, CA, Riverside County, San Diego County and Los Angeles County.

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CalState Solar
Murrieta, CA 92562

Phone 949.789.7990


Family owned home and commercial solar provider proudly serving Southern, CA, Riverside County, San Diego County and Los Angeles County.

© 2017 Cal State Solar. CA Contractors License 1006247


CalState Solar
Murrieta, CA 92562

Phone 949.789.7990


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