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Temecula Home Solar Installation

Cost Effective Solar Energy For Your Temecula Home

Solar In Temecula Just Makes Sense

As you know Temecula experiences hot, dry weather and lots of year round sun and we often find ourselves cranking up the AC to escape the days when it gets over 100 degrees. And of course, that can raise your power bill which is what makes the Temecula area perfect for producing your electricity with affordable green solar energy.

Whether you live in Rancho Madera overlooking the Redhawk golf course, close to the Pechanga Casino, near the Temecula Valley Polo Club, Old Town or the beautiful Temecula wine country, we provide the best Temecula solar panel installation in the city!

Why Hire A Local Temecula Solar Contractor?

When you buy from a Temecula solar energy equipment supplier who lives works and provides jobs in Temecula, significantly more of that money stays right here in the community, and that benefits us all.

CalState Solar has been providing residential solar Temecula residents have counted on for years. We are located just West of the I-15 freeway off Commerce Center Dr. and are considered a local leader in home solar services and roofing. In fact, we are the go to sub-contractor for several of the bigger solar companies in CA so you can trust us to do the job right.

CalState Solar provides solar systems throughout Temecula from Temeku Hills, Chardonnay Hills to Morgan Hill, Paseo Del Sol, Paloma Del Sol to Vintage Hills and Wine Country.

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Is A Solar Installation Right For Your Temecula Home?

When you drive around town, you can’t help but see hundreds of roofs with home solar panels and its hard not to think why did these homeowners decide to go solar, is it right for me? And How much does solar actually cost?

Making the switch to reliable, cost effective solar energy and reducing your reliance on the local utility monopolies that continue to raise rates every year and how much your investment will pay off depends primarily on three things: your home, your utility service, and your contract.

solar Temecula CA roof panels

Things To Consider Before Going Solar In Temecula:

  • Your Future – Do you own your home? Are you planning to move?
  • Location – Is your roof location ideal for solar? i.e. is it south facing?
  • Roof Style – To maximize sun exposure, your roof panels need to meet particular conditions.
  • Energy Habits – Is your energy bill over $100?
  • Your Finances – Depending on how you decide to purchase and install your solar panels, there are many financial incentives to help reduce costs.

Rest assured we will go over all of this and more to help you decide if solar is right for you.

What Sets CalState Solar Apart From Other Solar Installers?

You will find that CalState solar gives you the perfect experience from communication and customer service, to an efficient, friendly, and professional install. We are family owned and operated, but we have all come from leadership roles at the Nations largest solar companies.

We have seen the upsides and downfalls of large scale solar, and have positioned our company to excel in every aspect of the customer experience. As a customer, you will get to know and interact with the ownership, but not sacrifice price or efficiency with our hands on and very personal approach.

Temecula solar roof installation

Temecula Home Solar In 7 Easy Steps

Home Solar In 7 Easy Steps

Step 1

Call 949-789-7990 For Your Free Solar Consultation

Every new customer starts out with a meeting with either one of our owners, or one of our highly trained consultants. During the meetings, we are much more interested in learning about your goals than to try and give you a standard solar system. Nothing is standard, and it is our goal to make this experience perfect for you.

Step 2

Flexible Solar Financing


Solar Financing has come a long way in the last few years. Unless you choose to pay cash, all options are $0 Down and guaranteed to have lower monthly payments than the electric bill you are replacing. You can finance your solar system with a lower APR than you can find with a home or car loan. When we discuss your options, we will tailor them to the specific needs of your household and personal budget to maximize your savings.


Step 3

Site Visit

Once you decide to get solar, we will come back out to your house and complete a site audit. The first step is you qualifying us as a company and making sure we are who you trust to complete this job in the best manner possible for you. The site audit is CalState Solar making certain that we can qualify and build solar on your house.

We look at the roof support, the roof type, the electrical system in your home, we look at the ground if need be and perform an assessment of the shape your house is in. If there are any issues with your house that need to be addressed and replaced, this is where we diagnose and then discuss with you the best option to get them fixed. Because we are a general contractor, in most cases we can fix them ourselves and for a much better price than you can get from anyone else.

Step 4

Custom System Design

Once completed and we approve your house, we will send you an electronic design of the solar on your roof for you to approve. Once approved, that design will be sent to our Engineer, and we will get the plans prepared for your jurisdiction (city or county building and safety). We will work with the jurisdiction until the plans are approved, and the permit is ready to pick up.

Step 5

HOA Solar Approval

Each HOA is different, and they rarely work with companies on approvals, so in this case, it is your responsibility to work with you HOA and get the system approved. We will cooperate with you and give you everything they require from us to make sure we get the approval before we are ready to build.

Step 6

Solar Installation

Once the permit is approved, we will contact you to schedule your installation date. Typically we try and schedule a week or so out, however, if things work out right and we can get you in sooner we will certainly do so. You will find our crew is highly trained and incredibly respectful. We will walk you through the whole job, show you how it works, and consult you for any considerations required.

Step 7

City Final Approval and PTO

Once the installation is complete, we will contact the city and get their final approval. We will then take that approval and send it to the utility to get PTO (Permission to Operate) this is the final approval from the utility and when your system goes "live."


Find out today if solar is right for you. We will go over all the details to calculate the cost, savings and incentives you are likely to get from installing solar panels for your home.

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