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Commercial Solar Panel System Installation

At Calstate solar, we handle every aspect of your commercial installation. There is no standard system or installation for a commercial property, so every customer we have will receive the same amount of attention to detail.

A commercial installation is very detailed, and there is a lot of consideration that goes into every customer we have. As you see below, you want to choose a company that not just sells to buildings, but understands how businesses work and can help you realize the financial goals that come with adding solar to your building.

Every system needs to start off by being sized correctly. This requires us to meet with the owners and management of the building to build a strong understanding of the way the property uses electricity, what they require, and what times of the day require the most use.

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Commercial Solar In 5 Steps

Step 1

Solar Power System Sizing

This will require a comprehensive scope of the property. We assess where the solar is best installed. We can install on the ground, on a carport, and on virtually any roof type – or build a new one. There is a lot to consider here though; we need to test the ground, see where we can run the electrical, we need to make sure the roof type can hold the new load, and consider traffic and parking around or under the new structure.
Step 2

Analyze Your Power Needs

Once we get an understanding of the goals of the property, we will study the last 12 – 24 months of electric usage to see the costs associated. We will meet back with the customer and explain the costs in the previous few years, and the forecasted costs with the utility inflation included.
Step 3

Solar Financing

We are lucky enough to have a few great financing companies to work with and make available to our commercial customers. There are a lot of factors that play into the type of funding, how much, and how to get approved. We can also finance Non-Profit’s or use private equity partners.
Step 4

Permitting For Your Solar Build

Every city is different in this regard, but we take each set of engineered plans to the perspective jurisdiction and work with them consistently to get plans approved for the permit and ready to build.
Step 5

Solar System Installation

Commercial solar installation is different for every customer. However, we will constantly be working hand in hand with the ownership and management to keep a clean, safe, and productive work environment. Scheduling and forecasting are paramount with commercial installation, and our customers find that the communication with CalState Solar is always positive and consistent.
“CalState Solar has proven to be the “go to company” when it comes to solar. They are a proven trade partner that goes above and beyond for their clients to ensure that all aspects, from the system array design to getting the approval for the system to be turned on, are professionally handled. I would recommend Cal State Solar to any homeowner and/or homebuilder looking to have a solar system installed.”
Jared Hendricks

Vice President of Purchasing, City Ventures

“I highly recommend using CalState Solar on your next project because of their hands on attention to detail at pre planning stages all the way to install, including providing very competitive pricing.”
Kayvon Saremaslani

Purchasing Director, Watt Communities

“Working with CalState Solar on a construction level has been a pleasure. The foreman Ryan Telford has a great team with Drew Easton, Carlos Salgado and Jon King. This team is extremely knowledgeable as to what they do. Respectful and willing to work with me and my team to help move the process along. I’ve had the pleasure of working with James Pearce in the office as well, it just seems that this company has it together. CalState Solar is a 5 Star Company in my book.”
Abel Leal

Construction Manager, City Ventures

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