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CalState Solar is a leading provider of new residential solar home systems installed statewide from San Diego to San Francisco. Contact us today to see why we are your #1 choice for new home solar installations.

New Home Builders

  • Are you having trouble with communication from your Solar provider?
  • Has it been hard to get plan sets made, and permits approved on time?
  • Has your current solar provider left you stranded on a job site with reschedules and poor time management?
  • Do you feel that you are overpaying for services that have been less than par?

If that is the case, you are not alone, and like every other builder that we have started work with. It’s hard to understand how something as simple as communication and effort can be lost, especially when you award such large volume contracts. Still, somehow the issues above are the most common problems with trades in your industry.

At CalState Solar, we understand, and we hear you. We make it a very pointed effort to excel in these categories.

“CalState Solar has proven to be the “go to company” when it comes to solar. They are a proven trade partner that goes above and beyond for their clients to ensure that all aspects, from the system array design to getting the approval for the system to be turned on, are professionally handled. I would recommend Cal State Solar to any homeowner and/or homebuilder looking to have a solar system installed.”
Jared Hendricks

Vice President of Purchasing, City Ventures

“I highly recommend using CalState Solar on your next project because of their hands on attention to detail at pre planning stages all the way to install, including providing very competitive pricing.”
Kayvon Saremaslani

Purchasing Director, Watt Communities

“Working with CalState Solar on a construction level has been a pleasure. The foreman Ryan Telford has a great team with Drew Easton, Carlos Salgado and Jon King. This team is extremely knowledgeable as to what they do. Respectful and willing to work with me and my team to help move the process along. I’ve had the pleasure of working with James Pearce in the office as well, it just seems that this company has it together. CalState Solar is a 5 Star Company in my book.”
Abel Leal

Construction Manager, City Ventures

We Do Things Differently – We Do Things Better!

As you see below, we organize our company a little bit different than the common publicly traded solar providers than you may know and work with.

As a builder, and a partner of CalState Solar, Inc:


  1. You will be working directly with the President, and the Vice President of New Homes on each community you have. We are the decision makers.
  2. The President and VP will directly oversee your designs and plan sets from creation to Permitting.
  3. Our company is structured to model your company. We have a foreman on each job that is solely responsible for all of the communication and scheduling with your foreman. The crew that starts your community, completes your community. We get to know all of your trades and change our structure to fit yours. Our scheduling is based on your job site and jurisdiction, and will mold to fit any builder and jurisdiction.
  4. We are VERY competitive. We have further discounts for exclusivity based on job quantity or multiple communities.
  5. Most importantly, we are available and responsive. We value the opportunity to partner with you on your community. Even though we are one small trade, we take pride in the jobsite as you do, and understand that each trade working together creates a harmony that allows us to all move through efficiently and effectively.

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